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My name is Robmarie López.
I am a graphic designer based in
Los Angeles, California.
I love working with color!

An image of RobmarieI have been designing small websites and WordPress blogs for 20 years. What started as a hobby grew into a freelance endeavor that included logos and promotional flyers for events. Some of my work reflects my love for social advocacy (such as the flyer for homelessness nonprofit) and background as a former mental health professional (I designed and edited espectrobipolar.org, a mental health website for depression and bipolar). My goal is to continue creating vibrant, accessible projects once I finish my degree in Graphic Art & Design from Rio Hondo College.

When I am not working on graphic design, I am either engrossed in a historical drama or painting. I also love working on colorful mixed media or digital art (some of which can be found on my Instagram, @robmariewind) and practicing Zen meditation. My love for both led to inkbrushmood.com, a zen blog with surreal visuals, and incensed.co, a small portfolio for painted incense burners.

Have a question? Feel free to e-mail me at hello@robmarielopez.com!

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